Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sisterly Love

Happy second day of spring! May the temperatures creep higher and higher! 

Today, we're all about the sisters! I don't have one of my own but I do love looking at my girls and the strong bond they're forging. Here are a few of my very random observations:

1- They have actual real conversations now. I eavesdrop sometimes and it warms my heart to hear them chatting way into the night (though we oft' have to go in and shut it down) about the most odd things (like Netflix shows and who they're inviting to their birthday parties)

2- They love to sing at the top of their lungs and have very similar taste in music- Ed Sheeran is the  favourite by a landslide right now! 

3- C (almost 9) most times let's A (5.5) get her way. Probably, because A wears her down. She is by no means a pushover though and will stand her ground if it really gets to her. 

4- One of their things is dancing. They clear a space and cut a rug. A has a very natural rhythm (and dances like no one is watching but C has some really technical and graceful moves so I find myself drawn to watching her. 

5- They are both foodies.... like we'd expect anything else from our offspring but they have very distinct tastes- A is my protein lover and my little gourmand and C is my carb lover. They both adore sugar though and would have way more often than I allow! 

6- C is a natural leader and A seems more of a follower- like their birth order. Things can change but lots of things that big sister wants to do, A finds herself doing it as well. She never liked TV and now she begs me for it (we don't allow it during the week unless it's our family viewing of Little House and The Prairie on Thursday). She also wants to do work if C is doing it or become a vegetarian just like C often says she wants to be (but reneges on it)

7- They are so affectionate- both with each other and with their parents. I love having huggers. 

8- When they have their fights, it can get hairy but they are few and far between. 

9- They are kind to each other. If I give A something, she will be sure to tell C so she can get one (C being older and wiser doesn't always do the same). And when A falls or is sad, C is always checking to make sure she is okay.

My girls, my  prayer is that you will continue to build this beautiful relationship as you grow older! May you be up there on each others' list of favourites, a shoulder to cry on and  one of the firsts you share  huge news with.  I hope you can advise and tease each other but not compete or compare between you. May you be independent of each other but call on each other. You've got this, girlies!


  1. I always wanted a sister growing up! I love seeing how much these two act silly and have fun together!

  2. So sweet. I always wanted a sister! And my daughter also doesn't have a sister, which I feel badly about!

  3. That's so lovely. What a nice post about your girls.

  4. My relationship with my sister was one of my greatest blessings. I guess to love deeply is to pain deeply also. You don't have to wish for their relationship to grow - it will as sure as the sunrise! So much of this post reminds me of me and Kavi! Thank you for sharing
    PS - this is Pryia just using nilesh id

  5. Yay for dancing and being kind, love that they have actual conversations now. So sweet <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Oh how I dreamed of having a sister all my life! Blessed girls.


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