Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pinterest Fun!

This week on Show & Tell Tuesday with Andrea, it's all about Pinterest! I'm off and on with Pinterest. I'll go through a phase where I don't  use it for weeks at a time and then I'll go pin any and everything . Especially big things are coming up--- like moving or the birth of a child or Disney--- you know, big things!!! And there was that time I became obsessed with my slow cooker and the other time when I got really, really, really into smoothies... again big things ;-s

Here are a few of my faves through the years...

This fruit salad is amazing--- and pretty healthy for when you want something sweet but you're watching those calories. I've made it a few times!

I keep meaning to try this zucchini lasagna! 

Such great household tips. I would give this tip to a new mom who needs to keep holding the baby in the bath with one hand. 

And I totally splurged on coffee filters because of these tips.

 And tons of bootcamp ideas.

You can follow me on Pinterest here.

And finally, here's my #1 most pinned post from my blog.
Happy Tuesday (and pinning) , friends!!

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  1. So fun. I still can't get over how cute those lady bugs are. I totally see why it is #1!

    Now I am hungry.

  2. That lasagna looks so good and would be perfect for my husband who has diabetes!

  3. Those appetizers are so cute!! I've wanted to try that lasagna forever too!

  4. Well friend I went to follow you and it says "board not found" sad face! Your description of going Pin crazy is spot on!

  5. I especially like the ladybug, but all the appetizers looks delicious


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