Friday, February 5, 2016

Hey there Friday!

Hello lovelies! I haven't done one of these posts in what seems like forever…. last year to be exact! Time to catch up….

1- Remember earlier this week  when I had all these grand ambitions for hot water, stove and more unpacked boxes… well believe it or not, check, check and check…. things are happening around here and though no one wants to see an HVAC system, here's a brand new shiny cook-top for ya'….

PS. Along with this thing comes a downdraft which I'd never seen before but is pretty cool. We lost two drawers beneath the stove when all was installed--- but hey, there's cooking around here! Spaghetti with veggies for the win after excessive usage of the slow cooker, microwave and oven!

2- As I was in full on domestic mode, I also made these amazing flourless peanut butter chocolate chip mini- muffins for the kids to mix up our morning menu…. thanks Salma!

3- Back when I was in the corporate world and travelling lots with an awful commute and a toddler--- we had a part-time housekeeper…. we parted ways when she married and migrated but she came to visit-- catch up, help me unpack and even volun-told her husband to help us with some of the trickier painting in our house for FREE! (he's a painting contractor for luxury homes)--- total score!! Aren't there wonderful souls out there?!



4- And speaking of painting and many visits to our very nearby Home Depot--- my girls are obsessed with the colour swatches and always walk away with many samples! 

5- I've only recently stumbled upon Lou & Grey and I've only bought a couple of their pieces when LOFT had a huge sale but I adore their stuff…. so.very.comfy! Their flipside leggings have been on repeat ever since I got them! 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Ours involves odds and ends in our new home, drinks, dinner and some Superbowl fun!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the leggings. I was checking out Lou & Grey too.
    Love the photos of your housekeeper and baby/big girl!

  2. I will have to check out Lou & Grey- I keep hearing about it.

  3. Yay for unpacking!! And I LOVE "volun-told" hahah!!!! I need to adopt that term ;)

  4. I have a jacket from Lou & Grey that is beyond cozy so I need to check their leggings out! Happy Friday! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Those muffins look delicious! I love the then and now shots with your housekeeper - so cute!

  6. Okay I want one of those muffins! Going to check out the recipe!

  7. So great of your past house-keeper to come and help out and have her husband help painting the house! Great you got "then and now" photos to keep as memories.

  8. Love those then and now pics. Adorable! Yay for getting so much done. Must feel nice to have a fully functioning kitchen again and those muffins look delicious.

  9. Yay for your stove! It's all coming together!

  10. Those muffins look so good!And yay new stove!

  11. My girls are infamous paint swatch grabbers too! That cook top is gorgeous!

  12. My girls are infamous paint swatch grabbers too! That cook top is gorgeous!

  13. Love the then and now photos of the housekeeper and A, the stove top looks great, nice of her to come and help. Those muffins looks delish.


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