Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's up, Wednesday?!

Happy Wednesday! Can anyone else believe that we are almost done with summer-- by far my favourite season? Only a few more days for my babies to be at home with me :-) I've enjoyed my girls so much this summer! Here's what's happening with us….

What we're eating?
After the extremely abundant cruise and Disney french fry eat-fest, (I gained three pounds) it's time to sugar detox and get those veggies into myself and my kids. So lots of summer veggies, lean meats and fruit…. but come on'- summer's about to end--- so weekends are filled with get-togethers, white wine and indulgences! 

What I'm reminiscing about?
The fun my babies are having this summer. Where is the time going?!

What I'm loving?
Insta-frame for those vacation pictures! Collages are an easy way to bombard your friends/family/blog followers with your pictures without having to upload 93,345 pictures.
Also, I've been loving how C says 'Ahem' to remind us of herself in our conversations! 

What we've been up to?
We've had such a hectic week last week, we are now in wind down mode… Summer play dates, easy meals, ice-cream, back to school organising and unpacking--- still!

What I'm dreading?
Cassia starts Grade 1 in a 'big' school next week and this momma is NOT ready. #mamatearsforsure

What I'm working on?
I've neglected all my organising/upkeep this summer-- yeah, my house is still clean but inside my closets/cupboards-- another story--- time to take control!!
And I need to start back paying some more attention to my blog… I've missed you, friends!

What I'm excited about?
Fall is so much fun--- pumpkin soups, cosy evenings in, apple picking and Halloween for the win!! 

What I'm watching/reading?
I'm rereading Baby Proof by Emily Giffin-- love re-reading good books. Also, I just finished Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner on my vacay…. such a sweet, poignant book!! 
And I'm getting my fix of guilty summer shows: Bachelor in Paradise, Mistresses and The First Astronauts Club

What I'm listening to?
Let's Marvin Gaye and Get it On…. shamefully, my girls have caught me singing it and though they don't know what it means, I've caught them singing it #parentingfail

What I'm wearing?
I'm squeezing out the very last uses out of my summer dresses, rompers and sleeveless tops! Until we go somewhere warm in the winter (ahem, D)

What I'm doing this weekend?
It's Raksha Bandhan this weekend--- an Indian Brother Sister celebration-- and for ONCE, I have a brother around to celebrate with… so I am hoping to meet up with him. We are also meeting up with a huge group of friends for a picnic at a park. 

What's my favourite back-to-school tradition?
Front of the door pictures…. I upped it a notch (thanks Shay) and bought a 'first day of school' chalkboard for this year…. things are about to get fancy :-)

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  1. OOOO, glad you liked that Jennifer Weiner book, it's on my list and I was hoping it'd be good!

  2. I feel you on closet/drawer organizing. Whereas Im not a big summer person (fall all the way!) this summer has been great! Kinda sad to see it go.

  3. Summer is such a beast to recover from. I absolutely hate the lack of routine but the summer fun is so much FUN!

    Good luck at school next week. Soak up every bit of time you have left!


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