Thursday, August 6, 2015

Love, Hate, TAG!

The lovely Whitney and Beth have tagged me a while back in this love/hate posts. 10 things you love, 10 things you hate and 10 bloggers to be tagged. 


1-  A morning work out. It sets me up for the rest of the day really well.
2- I recently discovered Sancerre-- a very dry, light wine similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. Problem is it's so hard to find… and a little pricy.
3- A thank you message or phone call after I've gone out of my way for someone. I mean I'm not doing it for the thanks but the thanks is nice. Well manners in general. A please, thank you and courtesy… yes, please.
4- Being a girl mom
5- Weekends that are the perfect combo of family, friends, relaxation and entertainment
6- Making a really, really big deal out of celebrations.
7- An organised linen closet… I mean REALLY organised with the ends of my towels matching…. weird, I admit it.
8- Toast and tea--- seriously a match made in heaven.
9- A random FB message or email from someone unexpected
10- A little time to myself at the end of the day to read, watch TV or mindlessly go online.


1- An unmade bed.  My entire bedroom could be a train-wreck but my bed has to be made.
2- Dirty feet--- I must wash my floors if that happens…. or my feet if someone else has dirty floors.
3- Chipped nail polish--- on myself at least.
4- Waiting around for a long time at an appointment. My time is valuable!
5- Losing someone in a crowd. And D always wanders off--- and I panic.
6- As much as I love being a mom, I hate the plethora of hairclips that they constantly lose.
7- Public bathrooms--- well mass ones anyways.
8- Confrontations-- I can be a coward. That being said, if I have something to say to you, I'd try to say it (*nicely) instead of talking about it behind your back.
9- Disrespect-- for people, lives, parents, in-laws--- just plain old disrespect!!!
10- Traffic! I will do virtually anything to avoid traffic.

And here are just a few of my favourite blogs who haven't been tagged yet (or maybe they have)
Kelly @ Happily Ever Mock
Natalie at From Corporate to Domestic
Carol from Keeping up with the Kaunes
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Deena at Shoes to Shiraz
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Kay @ The Kay Times
Toronto Sahm
Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate

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  1. Ha! I just did mine today too!!! I am with you on the thank yous! Manners are becoming extinct!

  2. Making a big deal out of celebrations! Yes please. And ha Aria constantly needs new hair things. Oy

  3. I especially agree on ALL of your "hates" haha!!! Especially wasted time and public bathrooms!!

  4. Hey, thanks for linking to me!! I'll have to try this post idea soon.

    Hope you enjoyed Caribana! Lovely day for it.

  5. We share many of the same likes and dislikes! So glad you did this post, theyre just fun :) And can I just add Im totally counting down the days to your Disney cruise, so exciting!

  6. Yes, yes, yes! I think I can agree with just about everything on both sides.

    Unmade beds really just BUG me. I make my kids start making their own on their 5th birthday. I can't wait for E to turn 5 ;)

  7. I love this! I've been behind on reading. Thanks for the tag!

  8. Love this fun post!! I am so with you on the morning workout! In fact, if it doesn't happen in the morning, it doesn't happen at all! It totally sets my day up though!
    And AMEN to alone time at the end of the day to mindlessly be online or watch a show... must be a mom thing ;)

  9. Love it! Traffic seems to be a common theme in the hates of the posts I've read.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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