Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's up, Wednesday!?

Time to play catch up on what's been going on with us this summer on this fine Wednesday!!! (Note that a couple recurrent themes abound in this post-- ahem, Disney & summer)

                                                                      What we're eating:
       We may have jumped off fallen off the wagon this month. Think eating out, carbs and a bit more    sugar than I'd care to mention!! For us and the kids! Summer eating is just so much fun!

                                                            What I'm reminiscing about:
A's sunshine party this weekend. You know when you have a party and you're thinking about it for a few days after…. well, we're at that point now. Talking about the good, the bad and the extremely chaotic… think 23 kids and a similar amount of adults, people!

                                                                   What I'm loving
White wine spritzers--- so refreshing in the summer. 
And spending time with my nephew.

                                                              What we've been up to
Everything summer-- seriously, this summer has been busy but SO very much fun with tons of playdates, day trips and pool time.

And s'mores :-)

                                                                 What I'm dreading
Part 2 of Basement cleanup. But I'm looking forward to it as well.

                                                              What I'm working on
Summer fun for my kiddos! And a little Disney planning. And my blog needs a lil' loving too. 

                                                          What I'm excited about…
                                    My kids and their reaction to our week at Disney

                                                        What I'm watching/reading
I don't do a whole lot of TV watching in the summer but I've been indulging in a little Mistresses and will be watching a little train wreck called Bachelor in Paradise. Full House reruns have also been on repeat this summer. And I read Carole Ratzewille's book 'What Remains'. So well written and it stayed with me for days. Now I'm officially intrigued by the Kennedys and may be reading a couple more books about them

                                                          What I'm listening to
Gretchen Reuben podcasts in the gym.

                                                            What I'm wearing
Full on swimsuits, summer shorts, halters, capris and dresses… And sunscreen of course :-)

                                                  What I'm doing this weekend
We have a long weekend with the Monday off here in Canada so on Saturday we are going to watch the Caribana parade in Toronto. On Sunday, we are planning to go berry picking and to a picnic and on Monday, we might just have a BBQ. 

                                             What I'm looking forward to next month
Squeezing every bit of summer fun we can before school starts. And DISNEY of course

                                                                      What else is new….
We have a newly minted three year old in the house. My brother, sister in law and nephew are around for this year so we are seeing them several times for the week.

                                             What will I miss most about summer?
All the fun we've been having. The time spent with family and friends. And the heat! I'm an island girl after all…

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  1. Have fun at Caribana!!! I always love seeing those costumes!

  2. White wine spritzers for the win!! Have a blast at Caribana!

  3. Disney?! Oh goodness you ladies are having such an amazing summer. That swan, oh my goodness that is the best!


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