Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday favourites- Just us girls, our week in NYC!

Better late than never seem to be my theme on my little space these days. Seriously, this summer of fun should also be coined 'summer of neglect' or maybe 'summer of fatigue'. My kids- even my six year old- have been napping everyday when they can and we have been on the go, almost every single day with day trips, playdates, swimming and little outings. When anyone cancels, I'm seriously a little glad as it gives me a little time to play catch up online, clean my house or do a little planning for A's sunshine birthday party!

But yeah, back to our trip to NY a few weeks ago. Just my little ladies and I took this trip- my first time on an airplane flying solo with both of them. Seriously, there were moments I thought I would lose my mind as both flights were just around A's naptime. Add to that her very new insane huge crazy little tantrums and her striving towards independence like big sister-- we had some struggles! However, an iPad, some little dolls, a borrowed Leap Pad (thanks, Jenn) and some snacks thrown in and we made it!

We did something small and fun everyday but overall it was a fun getaway with lots of family time and late night chats thrown in- my parents and aunts live there.I also managed to sneak off for some grown up meals and shopping while I had free, willing babysitters.

Here's what we did- in my #everydayphoto fashion.

Day 175

Airport time

And then C went to the pottery studio for a bit with grandma

Sleeping A looks like an angel #ifonly

Day 176
This big boy (my nephew) came to visit. I also did a quick Target (miss them in Canada) and Trader Joe run (my first time) for a little stock up!

Day 177
A little Disney Store shopping with Grandma
A little visit to Sheepshead Bay

Long car ride

And then Coney Island--- Had so much fun here growing up!!

The boardwalk

And the rides--- yep, my kid's in yellow!

Day 178
We spent the day with Dhilan again! These two missed their nap. My sister in law and I took them to Century 21 and for a  wine run walk to make them sleep. Didn't work. I also had the most AWESOME truck food! 

My brother came home just in time to say bye to us

Day #179
My mom and aunt took them to Barnes & Nobles and then they met me at the mall

After lunch, I wanted to take the girls to a splash pad but they were content to just run around in the backyard with a sprinkler.

And then a long walk for ice cream.

Central Park for a couple hours with my cousin and his wife.

And a small walk through the city

Then some family time. (two of us weren't really sleeping) :-)

Then some time at a wine bar

Day #181
My mom took the girls for ice cream #brainfreeze

While I did brunch with a few lovely ladies

And Monday (Day #182), we went home.

Lots of family time, lots of laughs and a little bit of shopping!!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Looks like a great time with the girls! :)

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great trip!

  3. For being a solo mom on this trip you look gorgeous- I would probably be a hot mess. One of my good friends and bridesmaid's lives in NY and I have yet to visit (7 years later, oops) Brain freeze picture is so cute and so sad at the same time!

  4. Love NYC! On my blog I have a whole list of my favorite places to go in the city! - Seri from

  5. Precious photos! I've only been to NYC once! So so jealous!

  6. How much fun! I've been to NYC twice, but couldn't imagine it with kids! You are one brave women!
    Also, I feel you on the tantrums. Good luck and stay strong! :)

  7. What a great trip you had! What did you stock up on at Trader Joes?! I hope you got some cookie butter!


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