Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weekly Update- Last KL edition

Can't believe two months has passed already. We have had a wonderful time filled with meaningful memories, great adventures and a newfound respect for ourselves doing this with two kids under five! It's been a while since we've done one of these but here goes. 
  1. Just came back from Penang- another beach city- one of the more popular ones in Malaysia- but nothing when you're used to our Caribbean beaches. That being said, Penang has a reputation for being the food capital of Malaysia so we had a grand time with that aspect.
  2. Speaking of food- we need to go on a serious carb and refined sugar detox when we come home.  It's been a very filling 2 months. 
  3. We've had visitors this week. My aunt Sabi was here with us until Sunday and our friend Joann came last week as well. Joann is in Thailand right now but will return to spend a couple days with us until she returns to Canada. It was so much fun having them. 
  4. Winding down, we are now revisiting different experiences we've enjoyed while in KL- one last walk through the KLCC park, one last amazing massage, one last nasi lemak. The list is endless
  5. It is Eid here and as it is a Muslim country, there were two public holidays and a long weekend for Hari Raya- that's what they call this period here. I'm so glad we were here for this. It was like this country's Christmas, lots of sales, displays, decorations etc. A feeling of festivity has filled the air for a while now. 
  6. Anjali is becoming very vocal- lots of baby talk and lots of crying or quarrelling when she doesn't get her way. The baby talk- very cute- the other stuff, not so much. 
  7. Cass is so lonely for friends- she stares longingly at other kids here and always asks to play with them but a lot of the Asian kids are very shy so they ignore her. Yesterday, there were some kids in the hallway so we let her play with them for about 15 minutes and she was so happy. Poor kid!
  8. We've started to pack our seven suitcases! It's crazy how much things I have to sort out in the next week. I've amassed a lot in two months!
  9. Anjali is now up to eight teeth. She loves to bite with them-- humans included
  10. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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