Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some days are for the birds

Our family had a great time at the KL Bird Park. The main feature distinguishing this bird park from others is the 'free flight' concept. Entering the door of the KL Bird Park feels like you are walking into a huge bird cage. There was such a huge variety of beautiful and rare birds. They  were swooping overhead and coming very close to us to feed from the food we bought. We also did a couple shots with birds on us. Darin even got a tiny peck and one of the storks started to play with my hair. It was too close for comfort but at the same time very cool! 

* Footnote- I am a little scared of birds coming very close to me but I pretended to be quite brave for my four year old's sake.

Love birds-- seriously!

This is probably my most favourite picture ever!

They're all around us!

THe beautiful peacocks were all around us!

Anjali cooled off with a chilled coconut- this brought us quite a few stares from some of the other tourists

We did it! Our family bird shot! Cass and I had birds on our head but they flew off. I was too scared to hold Anjali as D is more steady than I am

Darin saw the d@mn bird coming towards me and said nothing.... there are other pictures of me freaking out but they will not be published. 

All smiles

Such a lovely day!

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