Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our day trip to Malacca

Malacca- known as the 'cultural capital' of Malaysia, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site- was another one of our day trips. It's only a two hour drive away from KL but seemed worlds apart. It was quite the colonial city with its cobblestone streets, forts, stone walls, old buildings and scenic (but dirty) river. Very quaint and quite picturesque. We took a trishaw ride, a boat cruise, ambled around the city and sites and sweated buckets while doing it all! 

This big ship is actually a museum

One of the popular ways to travel around Malacca is using a trishaw or what they call 'beca' in Malay, each uniquely decorated.

My family are a bunch of horses!

I repeat the previous statement


Having a cendol to cool off!

Hiding in one of the forts

Preparing for battle

Lunch- nyonya cuisine

Sweltering heat

Posing runs in the family

The cannons were a huge hit with the 4 year old

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