Sunday, June 7, 2020

Not just a mom- fun facts!

Hey lovelies. Today's Not Just a Mom link-up that I cohost with AdrienneLaurenAshley and Dara. is about fun facts-- about me :-). I borrowed from an old post and added/amended several of these!!


  • I was born in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean
  • I had never seen Canada before deciding to move here
  • I cannot be easily surprised. In fact, only my 21st party thrown by my best friend and my baby shower have surprised me
  • I had spinal fusion surgery when I was 14 to correct a severe case of idiopathic scoliosis. Because of this, I have a steel rod in my upper back... D says that I really am a woman of steel hehehe. 
  • I am a creature of routine especially with my kids and especially during the week
  • My favourite colour for walls is a grey-white (this changed from the last time I did this. It was light blue)
  • I am better at saying no than I used to be
  • I save my emails and texts- especially the sentimental ones
  • I love chocolate--- when I check the menu for dessert, I usually gravitate towards the most chocolatey item
  • I was a very skinny kid. Oh to have that metabolism again! But then again, I was also quite the picky eater and now I clean my plate... and sometimes my kids' plates ha!
  • I love a to-do list and make one almost every day. My little one loves a list too.
  • My favourite herb in the whole world is culantro--- but as I can't get it easily in Canada, it's cilantro instead.
  • I can touch the tip of my tongue to my nose.
  • I really learnt to cook after I got married-- I'm a quick study!
  • I believe there is inherent good in everyone. 
  • I cannot ice-skate- never learnt in hot TNT and now because of my back I can't learn. Also, I never learnt to ride a bike (don't judge me.... it took a lot of courage to put that here!)
  • My two most favourite vacations so far were Italy (pre-kids) and Turks & Caicos (post-kids). I hope to go back to both these places
  • Though wine is my drink of choice, I love a really good, really dirty martini
  • I love my sleep. I can't operate on too little sleep- I try to get between seven and eight hours every night. The blue light from my iPad affects my sleep I know though!
  • Appetizers are my favourite! That way I can taste many different things!
  • I don't like clutter but at the same time don't like totally sterile surfaces--- a little bit of stuff is good 
  • Exercise is so necessary for my mental health... so is fresh air. 
  • My favourite scents are jasmine, lilac and vanilla. 
  • I laugh lots but no one makes me laugh more than D. 
  • I make a really, really big deal about birthdays! Just ask my family!
  • My language of love is words of affirmation--- maybe that's why I've been blogging for more than 7 years.


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    1. I think I said "oh my gosh, me too!" for about half of these!! I take my sleep VERY seriously, if I don't get at least 7 hours it throws off my she day!

    2. I had scoliosis too, luckily not bad enough for surgery! I am very into routine too.

    3. Okay, you're so good at this. Your facts are really fun.

    4. Yes to allll the chocolate, I gravitate towards chocolatey items on the menu too. And of course to exercise and fresh air <3

      Green Fashionista

    5. I feel like I require a lot of sleep; I was awful at being a mom of infants as the sleep deprivation really did me in. One time I ran into a friend's husband in the store and we carried on an entire conversation about the new baby and the entire time I kept thinkg "where do I know this guy from?!"

    6. Love this! I don’t love clutter either but also don’t like ‘empty’. We’re pretty similar!


    Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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