Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Currently and Prime Lately

So much tragedy going on in the world right now, so much we need to not ignore, be mindful of, teach and really just do better... all of us in our own ways in our little parts of the world. Be brave and prayerful, all!

Not a smooth transition really but coming in for a little Currently with Anne. 

Feeling: pretty okay. We've adapted to this new normal and honestly, there are some lovely things to appreciate. I mean yeah, it would be great to get together with people and go shopping but eventually...

In the meantime, we do a pretty good time being social at home and virtually.

Wearing: sunscreen... lots of it... Need to replenish over here.

We have been spending so much time outdoors...

Craving: sushi... so that's what we did last weekend after a few months. So delicious. 

Discussing: all things COVID still and now all that's been going on in the US. My heart hurts for my American family and friends. 

Buying: Groceries with curbside pickup or free home delivery. After not buying too much for the first month or so as we were scared of packages coming in (for the most part I just nudge them with my foot into the house), packages are an even bigger part of life now that they are saying that surfaces are less of a risk than airborne. 

Here's what we've been priming lately.  

A moisture meter to measure if some of the soil  for both indoor or outdoor plants need a bit more moisture. This gardening thing is complicated. 

SwimWays Toypedo Bandits Pool Diving Toys - Sinking Torpedo Swim Toys - Pack of 4, Colors Vary,  (12298)

These tiny diving toys are a huge hit around here with these kids.

My mom gifted D this air fryer for his birthday, and so far, we love it... I just did some turkey meatballs and some croquettes for the kids but they were delicious! Next stop, air fried chicken!!I need to start researching some more recipes! 

This handwriting paper for the little ones who need a little help with shaping those letters :)

D was getting tired of the narrow openings of the Thermos lunch container so we got this mini warmer for the days that he goes into work. He's left the device in work and just brings the inner container home. 

The Ipad cases from Amazon are waaay cheaper and just as good quality (IMO) as the ones from Apple. 

We have been doing family artwork recently and our Sharpies were running out. Another great Amazon product offering at a great price that should last until quarantine is over.... I think... especially since I accidentally ordered two packs. 

C loves her Fitbit ace 2 for kids-- now if she can only find the charger!

And that's we've been priming lately. Linking up with Tanya. 

Hang in there, friends!


  1. The mini Crockpot may be a good idea for my kids' lunches if they go back to school. I love that ipad case too.

  2. I'm feeling pretty okay in exactly the same way - lucky that it's easy for my family to stay home in terms of work, etc., so we are just living life here, connecting virtually, getting our groceries via pickup, spending time outdoors around our house, and it's fine! Good takeout on occasion does help though :) Have a good June!

  3. We have gotten take-out exactly once since March. It was sushi! Soooo good. Our area of the state begins to open up on Friday. Maybe we will get to go out to a restaurant!

  4. Some fun purchases....I see several I need to check out!

  5. That mini crockpot is fantastic!!! I love that. And those diving toys would be a big hit with my nieces and nephew.


  6. I've been thinking about getting an air fryer! And sushi..I was just thinking about how much I wanted some. Lol.

  7. That mini Crockpot has been on my wish list for a few years, but I couldn't picture myself carrying it back and forth to the office... I didn't think of just taking the inside back and forth! I think it just moved up on my list! Well, when I finally go back to the office anyway!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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