Friday, November 1, 2019

Spooky fun- Halloween 2019!

Morning, lovelies!! Can anyone say Halloween hangover?! It's been a busy, exciting week. Everyone's still asleep. We braved the rain, got creative, ate way too much candy and  had way too much fun. Here are just a 'few' pics.

All prepped for schoo, we have a glam witch.

And a ravenclaw.

I worked during the day but took some time to pack on some makeup and then picked the girls up all decked off to surprise them. That's tulle over my face.

After dinner and chores, it was time to reapply makeup. This is what we did to ensure stillness in the process LOL. She wanted a red lip like momma but my ninja skills only went so far!!

We put our candy out front but our neighbours are so polite that they only take one.

We had a silver fox join us.. though he looks like a bunny here lol.

I don't wear a red lip often but I'm liking the look. Also, I'm either a sorting hat or a glam witch depending on who's asking...

We wore three layers under her clothes so her costume could stay intact.

It was rainy and the houses in our neighbourhood and very far apart so we took the car out for the further ones and then walked to the closer ones. 

Not pictured... the tail that came with this costume...

As you can see our neighbours delivered as usual!!

And that's a wrap on Halloween 2019... 

How was your spooky night? 

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  1. Looks like a successful Halloween!! We have those same Rae Dunn candy bowls--so fun. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. So fun you dressed up too! Hope you scored some Wunderbars too!

  3. You all look great! So much fun this time of year. I don't wear a red lip much either but went for one with my costume and didn't mind it. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Such cute costumes! Looks like a fun Halloween!

  5. Lots of fun; those costumes are great.

  6. It's so sweet that you can just set out candy for neighbors :) I love the fancy makeup too.


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