Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Books Lately

So cold outside and it actually snowed today. Lots!! Time for some wonderful reading... This month were a few great ones, one okay one and one dud. Here we go.

The Light We Lost by [Santopolo, Jill]

This love story between Lucy and Gabe starts on 9-11 when they were both university students. Based on their close encounter with this horrific event, they decide they want their lives to have meaning. Their story spans decades, continents, other life events, dreams, desires and betrayals. This poignant tale is probably the best one I have read all year... and it has been a great reading year. It is devastating well written and haunted me for days after. I cannot wait to read more from this author.

Life and Other Inconveniences by [Higgins, Kristan]

This book examines three generations of a family: A very wealthy grandmother, an abandoned grand daughter and her daughter and how their lives intertwine again after a long, understandable estrangement. I found myself identifying and getting annoyed with each of the characters in turn. It was very real, raw, human and touched on many very relevant issues today. It was a great read!

Ladies Who Punch- The Explosive Inside Story of "The View"
Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of "The View" by [Setoodeh, Ramin]
I love The View and watch at least a few episodes a week. This one was a page turner with many interviews with current and past co-hosts and great access to the behind the scenes of the show.  It was juicy, delicious and an easy read. If you are a fan of The View, you'll love this one.

Best Staged Plans by [Cook, Claire]

A quick read about a fifty something home stager going through a home crisis with selling her own home at this stage in her life. Lots of relationships, back and forth, quirks and quips. I didn't enjoy this one and struggled to finish it. 

The Hypnotist's Love Story by [Moriarty, Liane]

A love story about a hypnotist, her boyfriend and his stalker... and ex girlfriend. It's told from the hypnotist's and the stalker's point of view and I found myself empathising with them both. A love story and a bit of a thriller as well, I enjoyed this and was intrigued to know how it ended... a great one by Liane Moriarty again! 

What are you reading lately? I have a couple good ones that came in from the library all at ones... It's going to be a busy few nights. My kids might have to feed themselves dinner :-P

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  1. Over here from the SUYB link up and I LOVE your blog design! It is so colourful and pretty!! I am a girl parent too so I am excited to poke around a bit. That Jill Santopolo book is on my list and same with Hypnotists!!

  2. Oh man the light we lost sounds intense. Im going to get a copy I must read it!

  3. Oh man the light we lost sounds intense. Im going to get a copy I must read it!

    (that was me above and I have no idea how to delete that original comment lol)

  4. I'll check out that View book, I love juicy behind the scenes stuff.

  5. The Light We Lost sounds like a good read. I still have yet to read anything by Moriarty. Every time I hear her name I think of A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. :)

  6. Looking into Higgins, and the new Moriarty! Thanks for sharing, looks like a great reading month.

  7. i normally love kristan higgins but i could not get into the life and other inconveniences book... i ended up DNFing. i really enjoyed the hypnotist's love story, ended up empathising with both characters as well. she's a fabulous writer :)

  8. I am not a huge Liane Moriarty fan but Hypnotist sounds interesting!

  9. I would read Life and Other Inconveniences just because of that cover, so cute!!

  10. I don't watch The View, but I've seen it in the past ad Ladies Who Punch does have me intrigued.


  11. Such good suggestions! A lot of these I have on my to read, cant wait!

  12. Heading over to request a few of these right now! I am currently reading Becoming... and honestly not loving it. Enjoying it but questioning all the hype around it. Maybe because I'm not for enough into it yet?

  13. I have The Light We Lost in my Kindle app to be read. I need to get on that one.

  14. I thought that I had read most of Moriarty's books, but The Hypnotist's Love Story doesn't even sound familiar. Will have to check this one out. The Light We Lost has been on my to read list.

  15. Though I don't really watch The View, I love any behind-the-scenes kind of thing like this. Sounds fun. And it's hard to go wrong with Liane Moriarty. I've read everything by her by this point, so I'm always looking for read-alikes. I enjoyed The Mother-in-Law in similar ways to her books.

  16. I want to read Love and Other Inconveniences.
    Here from the SUYB link up.

  17. Love these suggestions; thanks for sharing! I am always looking for new ones to add to my Goodreads list.

  18. I started the The Light We Lost but never finished it. Not on purpose...it was on Kindle and I got distracted with other books. I meant to go back to it! Sometimes I don't know how I feel about 9/11 as the plot? Like, since I actually remember it, it's weird?


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