Monday, April 29, 2019

Magico Mayan Riviera Part 3

Apparently it snowed this weekend... so in an effort to cajole  some warmer weather, here are the final set of the last days of our Mexican vacay in March. 

An early morning walk through the resort. 

The water was beautiful that day. The Mayan had a ton of seaweed this time around but today it was clear.

My beautiful mama!!

My sister in law organised a mini-birthday dinner for our soon to be ten year old.  

At C's age, I had lost three out of my four grandparents. C is so blessed to have all of hers.

Delicious food as always. That night, we dined at the Caribbean restaurant. 

This cake was so delicious.

The entire gang. 

So much sunshine and sand.

A little face-painting and popsicle time.

All set to go..... 

Yay for Mexico!! Warm weather, family time, great food and a whole lot of fun!!

Have a magical Monday, friends!!


  1. Those sweet girlies of yours are living their best life for sure!

  2. Looks like such fun. I was just thinking how lucky my kids are to have all 4 grandparents.

  3. What a fun vacation!!! I love your sunnies.

  4. Such an amazing trip!!! I can not wait to see more!! Nothing better than fun in the sun! Annster's Domain

  5. What a fabulous family trip! Sounds like a ton of fun was had by all and you got to throw in some birthday celebrations for C. The food looks amazing too.

  6. Oh man...YES...take me away! I need a beach like nobodys business!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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