Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday Five

It's been busy around here with work and life and I've not been able to blog in my little space as much as I'd really like to but I just wanted to pop in and share a little life lately/Friday Favourites!

1- Here are some little shots from Valentines Day!

My sweet gave me these beautiful roses with the best note ever (words of affirmation are my jam)

We always do a little treat for the girls in the am.

We dined at home as  family. 

And some sweet treats for dessert!

2- A new favourite of mine is Prime Video. Totally different set of shows from Netflix. Prime also knocks it out of the park with Prime photos- a free online service to store your photos. 

Image result for prime meme

3- Saturday ski lesson mornings are filled with a little adult QT, coconut wraps, coffee/tea and some Monopoly Deal.

We even managed to sneak a walk in last week as it was okay out....

4- Obsessed with my gentle consonant face wash from Perfect for these harsh winter months.

Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash

5- And finally, a few Friday funnies.

My life and my kids

Not going to lie, almost every morning

And Costco....

Yep. I think of dinner whilst making lunch 

And this as well.....

Happy Friday, friends and family!


  1. What beautiful roses and sweet Valentines sentiments! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love those funnies. Zachary is the worst with the underwear attached to the pants! Looks like you had a nice Valentine's Day!

  3. So man funnies....and so much truth!! Glad you had a sweet Valentines day with your loves.

  4. LOL at the laundry rules every kid follows! And love that you dined at home as a family for Valentine's Day <3


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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