Wednesday, December 12, 2018

How We Do Christmas

Here's to Wednesday! Such a busy time of year but so fun... Linking up with Shay and Erica today to discuss all things Christmas and how we do it... 

Here's  how we do Christmas around here... some of the same, some different but all of it fun!

+ We decorate on the weekend after Remembrance/Memorial Day! We do appetizers or takeout, wine, carols and the tree and it's so much fun!  Then I usually take the week after and decorate the rest of the house/put away other stuff so it's not too crowded... but let's face it, I switch things around all through the season. 

Last year's tree! 

+ We play a mix of either  parang (Trinidadian Christmas music) or traditional Christmas carols all day and night long.

+ We usually do some sort of baking of course-- I used to go wayyyyy more intense before I had kids... I also ate way more cookies too LOL. #twentiesmetabolism

+ On December first, we have our North Pole Breakfast with our elves visiting and bringing small gifts. Mama fills the advent calendar and makes a sugary breakfast.
+ I love wrapping my gifts and watching Christmas movies concurrently.... some repeats and some originals. 

+ We do some sort of bigger party during this time of year. In the past it's been my girls' night, some times it's been my trini friends and this year it was my neighbours. 

+ Giving at this time of the year is especially glorious.

+ I try to do as much as possible as early as possible so I enjoy the season. 

+ D and I usually go to the mall, I give him 'ideas' and he chooses from them! We usually follow this with a little lunch or dinner. Kid free of course. 

+ We love looking at all the beautiful holiday lights and usually take a drive around our neighbourhood. 

+ Christmas Eve is usually spent at D's aunt's house with the cousins and carolling!

+ Since the kids were born, we have never spent a Christmas morning away from home. It's usually us with the kids and sometimes my parents.

+ Christmas usually involves a smoked turkey leg in our breakfast/lunch and fresh bread.

+ I love giving books for Christmas! 

+ We switch up our Christmas activities. Last year we did the Polar Express, this year we did a Gingerbread making class, we've done breakfast with Santa... So much fun stuff but we don't always have to repeat it and I'm okay with that! 

+ Just like back home in the Caribbean, I don't think Christmas ends after the 25th... the season is long and festive until a few days after New Years. I keep my tree up until Jan 6th! 

How do you do Christmas? Here's to a Merry Season!


  1. I love that you keep the Christmas spirit going even after the 25th! I like to leave my tree up until early January too :)

  2. It's more than a month of celebrations, what could be better!?

  3. What a fabulous celebration of Christmas! I also like to celebrate long before and long after! HA! I do the same thing with my birthday! HA

  4. I keep the Christmas season going through New Year's as well, and love your North Pole breakfast! I'm actually kind of excited to start that tradition next year with Serena <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. So happy to hear that Parang is played. ITS THE BEST CHRISTMAS MUSIC! hahah

  6. I agree, the season of Christmas extends beyond the 25th. Any recommendations for parang albums?

  7. Great to hear how you do Christmas! I haven't heard of parang before, gonna check that out. I love hearing new types of music! :)

    I find the trees and lights this type of year so beautiful. I enjoy baking too, usually make a cake for Christmas and also planning to bake ginger cookies soon.


  8. P.S. In my family we keep the tree up till Twelth Night 5th/6th Jan) as well. :)


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