Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas Cookie Decorating Party

Hello, friends!  Here are a few pictures of a cookie decorating party we had for the girls and their school friends... so much fun, so much laughter and yeah... wayyy too much sugar. You are welcome parents!

I bought two different types of cookies, ginger bread men and vanilla sugar cookie houses  and they were able to decorate a couple of each.

Lots of stuff from the bulk barn and my baking supplies

A hot cocoa station where we served 1/4 cup of luke warm cocoa!

 Just a little bit of the food.

 My nine year old made a couple of these treats below!

Confession, I didn't have enough icing/ frosting for the cookies-- clearly four bags wasn't cutting it for 10 kids, so I very quickly whipped up a batch during the festivities. All recipes and google for the win!

My reindeer was so excited! She made a little agenda for the party and everything and yeah even got through her list! 

Kids ate some and carried some home!

Some YouTube Just Dance to burn off some sugar. 

And then a little movie for the older kids and some board games for the younger ones! 

 It was such a simple party to put together and the kids had a wonderful time.  This is definitely one that we'd like to repeat in the future!

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  1. You did phenomenal and it looks like the kids had so much fun!

  2. Such a fun time! I haven't does this in years!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I cant wait to do this with kiddos one day. Looks so fun!

  4. Such a fun party! Great planning and good improvising with making more icing!


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