Sunday, August 27, 2017

Disney Fantasy Cruise-- Day 1 and 2

I'm back.... with about 2500 more pictures on my phone than before from our amazing summer family vacay cruising with Disney!! I'll spare you about 1500 pictures but here are 'just a few' shots from our first two days.

I always get nervous with travel from Canada to the US with travel delays so we came in on the Friday night, spent the night in a hotel close to the airport and headed down to Port Canaveral the next day.

We aren't at all excited.

We headed in... met my parents who were joining us on the cruise and had a wonderful lunch before exploring the ship a bit.

First up... lunch and ice cream... #priorities

Then we were off to the Oceaneer's Club and Lab where we explored the week's activities on the ship.

Disney is like me... all about the details.

Happy #11 my love.

Still at the lab. These kids did not want to leave.

The sail away party with Mickey and the gang was soooo much fun!

We went to the show (Disney has the most magical, broadway-esque shows) and to take a picture with  Belle when I made the discovery that they had put us in the first seating for dinner-and it was past dinner time (my travel agent told us we had the second seating). We were so bummed at missing an awesome dinner on our first night and had to grab sandwiches at the pool. #firstworldproblems #butreallythough

Little Miss enjoyed sitting at the pool and watching a movie and dripping her second ice cream cone of the day on me...

Bright and early the next morning!

Breakfast selfie with the brightest morning person ever #mamaneedscaffeine

A quick convo about life.

We took long walks along the ship every morning.

And did lots of pool time

There were mysteries to solve all around the ship for the kids with their tickets and mystery books. 
Sidenote, that's not coffee in his mug.

We got all dressed up for our first night of dinner. Disney dinners are awesome.

We also took C to a dance party with Goofy before turning in for the night.... two days done- five more to go!!!
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  1. Oh my goodness it looks like y'all had the best time. I know my girl would LOVE it. I have heard such amazing things about these cruises, can't wait to read more!

  2. So fun!! We went on a Disney cruise a few years ago and loved it.

  3. I remember going on cruises with my parents when I was your girls age and it was just the best time! What wonderful photos! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Oh how I LOOOOVE cruises! Disney Cruiseline is at the top of our list to try next, and I've heard nothing but amazing things. Bummer about missing dinner the first night, but I'm sure everyone had a blast having sandwiches at the pool <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. Eeek!! So much fun! What a way to end summer holidays!

  6. That looks like an awesome time...especially the none coffee beverage in the mug.

  7. oh my gosh I want to go on a Disney cruise so bad, but Mr. is not convinced cruises are his thing...can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  8. Sounds like a fabulous family vacation and perfect cruise to keep the girls entertained! Port Canaveral is only 30 minutes or so from where we live so it's so easy for us to catch cruises to the Bahamas etc. Glad the girls got to have a last hurray before school begins! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  9. This looks like so much fun! I love all the pictures, and your outfits are always so cute!

  10. How fun! They are such a great age for this trip. All your dresses are too, too cute!

  11. Wish I could like each photo! Glad you had an amazing time!


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