Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NY Resolutions--- it being almost February and all.

Life lately has been filled with a lot of germs! After a bare recovery from the stomach bug to end all bugs, I came down with a lovely cold/flu comb. As it was so soon after the first special, super bug, this one hit me hard. No energy, lots of napping, soups and hygge.... 

Since we're almost in February (7 weeks 'til spring!!) and I totally dropped the January resolution ball, I figured that this was as good a time as any  to share my intentions for 2017.

So, I'm totally a tactical person and I like actionable resolutions--- like that time I chose a word of the year (intention) as my resolution... yeah that didn't work. But like the other time when I resolved to floss more... that stuck-- and I still floss daily. My dentist is a happy one.  

Let's rewind to my 2016 resolutions first!

Have a smooth and seamless move into our new home

Well we made it there in one piece and lots got done before we even got there! Our walls are painted and artwork is hung. Things have found a place though they may not stay there (I'm talking to you guest bedroom and messy study.) and there might be one or maybe two boxes left to unpack... so check but smooth and seamless were very ambitious words.

Continue with some Marie Kondo Decluttering and Tidying Up.

 Okay, so I totally purged before we moved last January and I'm constantly purging the girls' toys and clothes. I do also follow her method of rolling clothes and ask myself if something 'sparks joy'beofre I buy it or even keep it. But I didn't finish the book yet. I have high hopes to but something else always comes up!

+ Introduce some green into my life.

 I am SO proud of this one! I did it.... after years or wanting to.  I totally had help though. My friend Dani found a store that was selling plants 20% off  and no tax! Then she spent and afternoon and helped me choose plants (based on size, lighting and ease of care), pots and other necessities. And then she took another couple hours of another day to help me pot and place them. SO THANK YOU, DANI! And guess what?! They are still alive after a year. I'm even moving them now, seeing how they respond to different lights and how they look in different spots. Yeah, I'm shamelessly patting myself so hard on this one I might fall over. 

Now onto

Here are my very few resolutions for this year... Remember I aim small but realistic.

Play with my kids

I don't play with my girls enough. I feed them, teach them, read to them and chat with them but I rarely play with them. I'm always running around cleaning or folding laundry or something. So this year, we're going to play. We played Just Dance as a family the other day and laughed so hard, we very nearly cried. But then C and I were trying to knit together and I read the instructions and very nearly cried! Win some and lose some I guess.

Eye care

As I'm getting older, I'm so seeing it in my eyes so I need to be more vigilant about a depuffer and eye cream and incorporating it into my skin care routine. I always forget the eyes!!

Hydrating my kids

My kids way prefer milk or juice to water. They only really get juice when we go out, at a party or when they are sick but boy do they love it. They will rarely if ever choose water though and I'm the total opposite. Give me water everyday all day. I'm thirsty always! That 's changing though... mom mission.

Fix some lighting in our house

Totally random I know but there are a few pieces that are driving me a little crazy in our house... like the red, orange and blue fixtures we have giving us coloured lighting in the house... ugh!  This needs my attention in 2017 for sure!

What about you? Do you have one big resolution or many little ones like me?

 I'll be popping in and out these days. I  do some part time work and it really picks up until tax season is over.Have a great day!


  1. I can't wait to see the lighting you choose!

  2. yay for keeping plants alive! I don't think I can say the same, hehe. I'm organizing, that's my goal for the year!

  3. I have a bunch of little ones this year! Easier and more likely to stick to them that way haha

  4. Such great goals! Here's to a healthier February and a year filled with play and laughter, health and hydration, and a beautifully lit home! By the way, you pointing out there's 7 weeks til spring added some major joy to my day - thanks for that! ;) xo - Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  5. These are all so doable & I think your kids are going to like the goal of playing more! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Oh girl I am so sorry to hear that you got hit with all kinds of nasty stuff. I am finally feeling human again after a KILLER cold. Its the first day I haven't felt like death in a while. TERRIBLE stuff. I am a lots of little ones kind of gal. I have no doubts that you will do amazing.

  7. Love that your goals are all attainable! I hate when people set crazy expectations for themselves. And yes to eye care, I need to do the same!

  8. I can't keep plants alive so good for you! I like the idea of playing with the kids! I'm always doing "chores" instead of playing too. I will remember to do more playing.

  9. The germs are taking over our place too. I'm over it. Great goals- I like the green one!


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