Friday, January 20, 2017

currently... on my almost birthday

 Every year around my birthday, my favourite thing to do is a currently post. Since my day is this weekend, here's an early post

thinking | that I have got to get my clean eating back on track. I fell off the rails in TNT and boy am I getting trouble getting back on track. The good news is that we've started back with our soups and our smoothies. The snacking, not that good ;-s 
drinking | Smoothies... and water.... and tea. That's about it!
reading | I just finished the Nazi Officer's Wife for our book club and though it was off to a slow start, once you get into it, man it's a good one. Makes you appreciate this life we live! I'm also slowly enjoying Upstairs at the White House- My Life with the First Ladies from a past chief usher at the White House.
loving | These pics of A in Trinidad. She is my poser, that's for sure. 

wanting | to lose 10 lbs magically!

watching | This is Us, The Bachelor (ugh!) and sitcoms. Finished Downton Abbey last December and really want to start The Crown.
listening | To Podcasts. Here To Make Friends (a bachelor recap) cracks me up... but I switch it off the minute my girls get in the car. Not very family friendly programming. 
remembering | last year and the mayhem that was our life as we were moving into our new home. Times have changed!!
trying | to teach A how to read. Girlfriend is getting it! 
wishing | that this cool January weather does not suddenly dip into the minus temps any time soon.
planning | Life, trips and travel for this year. Easter with friends, a Lionel Richie/Mariah Carey concert, a family wedding in July! Fun times! 
enjoying | just chilling with my three peeps. A low key January is in order.
day dreaming | of when my baby was really a baby.
(the chubbiest she has ever been)
waiting |  for the weekend! The week after you come back from vacay is a loooong one.
liking | these new pandora earrings D gifted me for Christmas. 
wondering |  how to get my seven year old to improve her penmanship. Girl needs help! A reader she is but a writer.... not so much. 

needing | lightbulbs, matches, neosporin, blush and tortilla chips. It's nice out today. I'll venture into Walmart! 
wearing | lots of eye cream and moisturizer but my skin is so, so dry and flaky! And tunics and fleece leggings!
noticing |that the house is very bare (and clean)since I took my Christmas decorations down. Not going to lie, I'm kinda liking it. 
starting | to plan our trips for the year. Working out properly again-- not vacation mode working out. Beginning work for tax season. Blogging takes a backseat from now until April when I do some part time work. 
pinning | nothing!
smelling | I gifted D's mom a simple Body Shoppe Jasmine scent for Christmas and I love it! Might have to get one for myself.
thanking | God for a healthy, happy year.

This birthday, we are meeting some awesome foodie friends, the same one we spent Christmas with, in Toronto for a lovely dinner out. Then we spend some time with the kiddos and enjoy a relaxing Sunday! Oh and a Dufflet's chocolate truffle cake is on mind, big time! (see the'wanting' above and why it's not happening)

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  1. Happy almost birthday girl!! My mom had me practice writing when i would get home from school for like an hour and i will say as much as i hated it then i love that i have pretty handwriting now LOL! xo, Biana

  2. Happy early birthday! The week after you come back from vacation is always the worst. Hope you get some relaxing time in this weekend! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Oh man, those GIFs!! I think the Chris Pratt one is my favorite! Also, have you tried activities to strengthen fine motor coordination to help with penmanship? Like use a clothes pin to move cotton balls from one container to another. Sometimes hand muscles are weak which leads to less than stellar penmanship.

  4. Happy almost birthday! What a fun post! That "What did you cut out immediately?" "Fun." quote was so funny and absolutely true - LOL! Wishing you all the best with getting back on track. The struggle is real! Hooray that your girl is picking up on reading so well, and what a doll! Love the pretty pics you captured! Hope your birthday weekend is the best! xo - Brenda //

  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your dinner in the city!

  6. Happy Early Birthday! That first picture cracked me up. If I could just get my hands on some good food, I feel I'd look the same way. The struggle is real!

  7. Happy almost birthday! I am definitely adding the crown to my next to watch list.

  8. Girl....have some birthday cake before you get back on track please!! I'm seriously on the struggle bus. I have put on about 12lbs and normally I don't pay attention to that but all my pants are way too tight so I knew it was bad. Blah..I love to eat. Even if I'm eating all healthy I still eat too much!!

  9. Happy almost birthday! Agree with Shelly, first some birthday cake, then feel free to get back on the wagon. I need to lost a few pounds from our vacation too, ugh! The crown is on my list too, currently we're watch The OA.

  10. Happy early birthday pretty lady! I don't blame you for indulging on vacation because, I for one, have to get my fix of all the Trini delicacies. Doubles everyone morning if I could. ha! Now that you're back home, it should be easy to balance things out with your diet.

  11. Happy early birthday gurlie! Those pics from TNT are absolutely gorgeous! And don't you feel like there's a giant hole in your life after finishing Downton?! The Crown is SO good too, but I miss the humor in Downton Abbey. I need some zingers from the Dowager Countess <3

  12. I always love the empty house post Christmas too. Crazy how cluttered all the decor makes things!I hope you have an amazing birthday today! You deserve it!

  13. I always love the empty house post Christmas too. Crazy how cluttered all the decor makes things!I hope you have an amazing birthday today! You deserve it!

  14. I'll have to check out that bachelor recap podcast. Lots of funny stuff to talk about this season for sure. I definitely feel ya on the healthy eating. So hard after the holidays :-/


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