Tuesday, December 28, 2021

10 Questions at the end of 2021

For the last couple years, I've started to do the questions for the end of the year from Laura's podcast and prompts... it's become an end of year tradition that is a nice way to say farewell to the year 

1- What was it like in the beginning?
In the beginning, it was scary. Christmas was quiet and beautiful though we missed family and friends immensely. COVID numbers skyrocketed after the holidays and the kids were home. A's teacher (and also A TBH)  at the time wasn't the best at online schooling so parent involvement was pretty high. It was rough, friends and I'm owning it. There's a reason I didn't go into teaching LOL. 
Despite it all though, it was a coziness and a beauty to this season. It was cold outside and we hunkered down as a family. We cooked, watched movies, did "online sleepovers" and lots of virtual happy hours :-). 

2- What worked well and what didn't? 
I let go of a lot of things re: screen time ... I was winding myself up about lots of things with the kids and their online schooling, their screen time and all the things involved with us all being at home. I'm now choosing the things that matter to me more than before....let's see how that's working come 2022

3- What were the most important conversations and connections?
Someone close to me mentioned that she tries to only worry about the things that she has actual control over... it's something that I'm really trying my best to adhere to going forward. Coincidentally, this person who I've been close to for many years is possibly the most important connection I've had for 2021... more on that later. 

4- What was the best entertainment?
The thing that comes to mind is our Modern Family Netflix watching all year round.... It's become awesome bonding for me and the girls many weekday nights. 

5- Who mattered?
Everyone! It was nice to start getting together with our nearest and dearest slowly as the summer began and we all began to get vaccinated.

6- What Changed? And Why?
I started working full time in the corporate world once more... What started off as contract job a favour to my friend and old manager became a blessing for me. I threw my hat in the ring for the Brand Manager position and after meeting/interviewing with several key individuals at the company, got the job. It's been such a change for us all, at times overwhelming, at times crazy, at times fun but I LOVE IT! 

7- Where did you find happiness and fulfillment?
I am finding LOTS of happiness and fulfillment going back into Marketing Management. I work with a Canadian Candy company and it's such a fun industry to understand, take ownership of and grow in... It's awesome interacting with colleagues on a personal level as well and it's an awesome organisation... If you're Canadian and you know Bearpaws then you know where I work. The people are very kind and helpful, the organisational culture is phenomenal and it's still work from home -- so I can wear joggers and no shoes, ha! When I do have to go into the office, it's six minutes away :-). Oh and my kids think that my job is the coolest as they get to sample Candy and learn industry terms like long bite and short bite. 

8- What did you actually learn?
That parenting a pre-teen girl is hard and I need to be less reactive and take things less personally :-). 

9- What is actually ending?
It's a big change for us for me to go back full time into the corporate world. The reason I left in 2013 was because of the kids. Mom doing so many things had to stop. Kids have to become more self sufficient and not yell if Mom is in a meeting, ha! D had to step up (and willingly did) with all the many drop offs; grocery shopping  and extra curricular.

10- What do you want more of?
I want good quality family time, kindness and laughter... less screens apart and more together :-). Road trips, little adventures and visits ... And I really, really want to see family in 2022, our parents, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins. 

What about you, friends and family? What beautiful things did you learn in 2021. 


  1. I'll be doing these questions too. :) Congrats on your new job!

  2. These are all lovely thoughts and a good way to reflect on the year. I'm so glad you're enjoying your new job (yes, we know Bear Paws and other Dare products). Glad to see you back here :)


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