Friday, April 9, 2021


Tomorrow my first baby turns 12!!! I always say that C is my war buddy. We went through all the parenthood stuff together, she's taught me so much and continues to. 


C continues to be kind hearted and helpful. She is so self sufficient, helping to make meals, sort laundry and walk the dog with minimal complaining. She is an amazing caregiver to pets.  She is very determined and coins herself a feminist. 

C is bright... she quietly chugs away at her projects and aces them. I love our mom daughter conversations and how opinionated and principled she is. After a really great chat with her, I think to myself, this is why I always wanted only daughters. There are moments of brilliance and intense introspection. After an initial adjustment, she took really well to home schooling :-). 

This year, she has also been obsessed with Broadway musicals. She is especially a fan of Hamilton and Six... she has more playlists than I do on my Spotify account. She still does violin and still doesn't practise nearly enough. She also advanced to the gold novice team in swimming... early Saturday morning practices are not her favourite but the grilled cheese her dad gets her after are. These days she is focused on changing her "aesthetic" and her "room's aesthetic." 

This has been a year of great transition, growth and beauty for this daughter of mine. Hormones have hit with a bang and sometimes we don't know what hit us.... Sidenote, Covid and not seeing friends also hit hard so it all contributed. The sass and the tears are there sometimes but so are many moments of laughter, silliness and hugs. 

Happy Birthday, C! I'm so proud of who you are and so blessed that I was chosen to be your mother. I have a strong suspicion that come #13 you'll be taller than I am. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! XOXOX

Linking up with Andrea because if my firstborn's birthday isn't a favourite, I don't know what is....


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! So much to be proud of momma <3

  2. Happy Birthday! Last year before teenager, eeeekkk!!!! Have a great weekend celebrating her!

  3. Aw, hoping your wonderful girl has a very happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! She looks older than 12 to me!

  5. What a lovely young lady, you can be proud.


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