Saturday, March 20, 2021

10 Questions to mark one year of the Pandemic

I haven't blogged for a hot minute as I've been so busy with work but wanted to pop in to say hi. This month makes one year since the real start of the pandemic on North America. I love  this list of questions from the 10 things podcast .

1- What was life like in early 2020?
We were super busy in early 2020. Work was more hectic and it was lots going on in the evenings with after school activities. We were like hamsters in wheels. We did lots of meal prep and laundry on weekends, hunkered down for winter and were making quite a few plans for the summer. We took insurance on our Portugal trip "just in case" Covid becomes a big deal. Little did we know....

2- What was the biggest change?
So, so many changes. Definitely, the biggest change was how our day to day life of school, work and routine was switched up. We were basically at home for six months and the pace was so much slower. Mornings were glorious... Grocery shopping was an outing, fresh air was crucial,  and the news had never been on as much. 

3- What were your coping mechanisms?
It was a frustrating time for sure....We did lots of different things to switch it up and there was so many fun moments.  We did drawing tutorials, tried new recipes, baked way too much, had online happy hours, went for lots of walks, fixed up our backyard a bit, and tried our hand at gardening. We also made a really big deal about different things like Hawaiian night, game days, birthday parades and seafood boils. We explored Ontario but also relaxed at home and enjoyed our backyard. 

4- What did connections in your relationships look like?
We were never in touch with people who mattered as much as the last year. Lots of Facetime and when things opened up, lots of walks and a few outdoor gatherings when we were able to. 

5- What will you remember most?
I will remember all the quality time spent: virtual or in real time. The family time,  Facetime calls, Zoom parties,  all the beautiful conversations, and how much comfort it brought us in such an uncertain time. 

6- What was the biggest challenge?
I would say that would have to be not seeing my parents for more than a year. Add to my mom actually getting Covid, and the anxiety of that, it was very rough. They are now both vaccinated but with the borders being closed, I don't know when I will see them. 

7- What was a beautiful memory?
Definitely the moment that we met Toby and then told the girls that he would soon be ours. He has captured ALL of our hearts. 

The day that we met him. 

8- What do you believe now that you didn't one year ago?
I did not believe that in my lifetime I would see a pandemic... I simply couldn't understand what quarantine and lockdown were and how resourceful we have all become. Now I just hope this is the only one that we will experience for a very long time if ever again.... I also didn't think that it would last this long... a year in and here we are. 

9- What would you do differently?
Actually, I'm okay with how we did things...... I cannot think of anything to change. 

10- What will you carry forward?
That so many simple things can bring us joy and there were many issues with quarantine but so many blessings as well.  And family and health are more important than everything else!!!

What about you? What was your pandemic experience like?


  1. I did this too!!

    Toby is so cute!!
    During all of this it was and still is great to be around family

  2. We also haven't seen either set of parents in over a year. We hope we'll be able to soon.

  3. Awww that sweet puppy face! So glad to hear your mom recovered and your parents are now vaccinated! As scary as this past year has been, so much good has come out of it. Lots of slowing down and more time spent connecting with those that matter most <3

    Green Fashionista


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