Friday, September 18, 2020

First Day of School after what seemed like the longest six months in the world ;)

We are back at it!! For now at least.... who knows what this year will bring? 

We decided to send our kids back to school in person. No one in our region that I've spoken to made the choice to do online learning as our numbers are cautiously low.... things (like everywhere else ) will look very different this year though.

We usually do a back to school dinner out but instead, we did takeout and salads and sat in the back-yard (at this point, my kids are like "Mom, enough with the salad!"). 

They chose pyrogies 

Lunches all packed (the night before as usual)

We have a sixth-grader!!!

I didn't get my kids new backpacks this year as ours were in pretty good shape... also, they barely mentioned it. 

Look at this little lady!

Their homeschool teacher had to step in for the obligatory shot! LOL

I didn't take pics of my kids with their masks like most people did. Also, I didn't take pics at the school but it reminded me of a movie. So serious, quiet and morose... none of the excitement that usually accompanies the first morning.

We always take some time to grab breakfast together after we drop them off but not this year. Breakfast sandwiches for the win! 

The kids are there three days this week and then five days begin from next week. It's so different but they are cheerful. A is in a 3/4 split with only a very few grade 3's- same as C was and she can only play with people in her class. It will be some learning and personal growth for sure! C who is Ms. Leadership doesn't have extracurricular within. It's not the most ideal last year of elementary but we are happy to be back at it! Praying for safety, abundant learning, growth and a whole lot of fun in this school year.


  1. Love the title of this post! I feel like we needed photos of the parents high-fiving that we made it through the last few months!

  2. Sending all the hugs as the girls start their new school year, and LOVE those lunch boxes! So fun <3

    Green Fashionista


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