Friday, May 1, 2020

Friday Favourites: What weird things are you doing to make you feel better?

Happy Friday, friends! We still differentiate between the weekdays and weekends here, do you? 

I read this post on Cup of Jo about the weird things we are all doing to make us feel better in this crazy, crazy time. Things are weird, there is so much uncertainty and no near end in sight. We all have our things though... little comforts that give us some semblance of control and bring some smiles and solace to us.

Here is the list of my things that are making me feel better. Some weird and some not so weird:

- Stress baking like most of us. We've done cakes, cookies, loaves, granola and savory pies. Healthy and not so healthy. We've tried so many different recipes and some tried and true new ones. 

- Watching the ends of green onions sprout. I cut the ends of the green onions and stuck them in water and they've begun to grow. A little growth is great for the soul. 

- Exercise almost every day. Even if it's a little walk or some weights, those endorphins are a wonderful thing. So is fresh air and exploring different parts of our neighbourhood that we never ventured to before. 

- Doing art with my seven-year-old. Thanks to my friend Jenn for the suggestion, we look at youtube videos and follow along. I'm very good at following instructions so I love them!

- Pantry shopping, making grocery lists and grocery planning. Trying different websites and cookbooks are getting a look again. Once again, trying out different recipes based on whatever we have and revisiting old favourites. All these random things I've always wanted to make... and now there is time!

- List Making- to do's, spring cleaning, menu planning, grocery shopping, lists for my kids.. I've taken list-making to a whole 'nother level. 

- Looking to make an even bigger deal of days like National Scrabble Day, Cinco de Mayo and May The Fourth Be with You! 

- TV Shows like American Idol and the Masked Singer with my family. 

- Learning other random things on youtube like giving yourself a neck massage or different back stretches. 

What random things are you doing to make you feel better?

Linking up with Andrea for Friday Favourites. 


  1. We just love American Idol, never missed a season. Yep, exercising daily is a must. This was fun you sweetheart! Hang in there!

  2. I bought some crayons for Sophia and I'm actually going to color with her just for some stress relief LOL!! I stress cook :) xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. Love the idea of celebrating those silly days like scrabble day!

  4. Homemade cookies, afternoon coffee, colouring with the kids :)

  5. We are definitely baking up a storm over here!! We planted celery and pineapple from kitchen scraps and while I think they're both going to die it was neat to watch them start growing.


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