Monday, July 1, 2019

A little hair donation

Hello lovelies and Happy Canada Day to this sweet country of ours... So happy to call you home, Canada!

Last year, A decided she would donate her hair... I'm not a fan of longer hair for little girls, I'm going to admit... I find they look so cute with little bobs, lobs or shoulder length hair. But obey her wishes we did, and we grew her hair out to donate .

Here are a few pictures of her little adventure...

We took a few before pics... obvi...

Big sister also got a trim.

My hairdresser of almost 9 years, Jef, did C's locks... and she got a hand massage. #extra

And a steamed drink...

There was so much hair!!! 

All done and so proud of her look.

So was big sis.

My girls are very pleased with their new 'dos. And so is Mom so she doesn't have to spend all summer braiding hair :-).


  1. So sweet, they look great! Happy Canada Day!

  2. The new looks are so cute! Gabbie donated her hair a few summers ago too.

  3. They both look adorable and hair donation is such a great thing!!! Thank them for doing this!! What wonderful and thoughtful children you ave raised!

  4. That's so special she got to donate it. they both look great with their new cuts! I hope you're enjoying the holiday today!

  5. so cute! I love her new hair.

    xox Helen |


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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