Wednesday, November 14, 2018

What's beautiful to me?

Ever stop to think of the beauty all around and within each of us?  It's a tough world we live in with so many tough situations. More than ever, we need to appreciate the beauty in this life. Here's a little Q&A I lifted from last month's O Magazine's beauty edition.

To me, beauty is....
So much more than meet the eye. If you aren't beautiful on the inside, you have nothing! I've drilled it into my girls and my six year now emphatically says, "It's not what's on the outside that matters, the only thing that matters is what's on the inside."

A person who can light up any room... 
My neighbour, Monica, with her grace, genuine empathy, warmth and goodness. We don't know each other very well at all but she makes everyone feel special. 

The prettiest sight I've ever seen...
I love my sleeping babies. I've taken so many pictures of them

The best way to get more beauty into your life...
Is to surround yourself with things that make you feel happy. To me, it's fresh flowers, a nice smelling candle (soy, no cotton, paraffin free), a twinkling Christmas tree, a clean, de-cluttered house or lunch/dinner with awesome people sometimes.. Just some little things.

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I feel 100% beautiful when:
I just finished a sweaty workout and I do some weights. My teeny, tiny muscles and the endorphins thrill me. Oh and when I get made up for a wedding and get eyelashes put on. 

What's the most beautiful place you've ever been?
It probably would be overlooking the caldera in Santorini. The very beautiful, bright blue still overwhelms me just thinking about it. 

Life is so short. Appreciate the beauty.

What's beautiful to you today?


  1. Sleeping kids are the best, I still watch my boys at times and they are pretty much grown! That last shot with the water in Greece is spectacular!!

  2. Your beauty list is exactly what mine would be- love the twinkly lights of cmas trees....and yes to all the sleeping babe pictures! Great post.

  3. There is lots of beauty to be found in this world, sometimes we just have to look for it!

  4. I love the ocean and nature! I completely agree that we are surrounded by beauty and I need to be more perceptive to notice it! You hit the nail on the head with sleeping children, flowers and oceans!!!

  5. This entire post was just so heart warming! Love love love this and your babies are the cutest.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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