Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Five

Happy Friday, loves. For some reason, this week just got away from me and blogging was just not happening. Between this past long weekend with lots going on and an ensuing illness currently plaguing our house, it's been busy. 

Here are just a few happenings around here.

1- Just a few shots from D's birthday. We spent the morning as a family followed by our friends coming over and the very same awesome John ( a la Christmas fame) cooking a four course meal. 

Breakfast with us four.

We inherited two more kids in the process.

The table was set for the amazing wonders to follow

An aperitif to begin the festivities

The food did not disappoint and D did wine pairings to highlight the different flavours in each course.
#1 a coconut milk soup with spicy thai chili, cilantro, ginger and sliced chicken.

2-Tuna and swordfish poke: with papaya sweet peppers and crunchy garlic

3- spicy turkey and quail skewers served with  peanut and honey dipping sauces

4- Grilled lamb medallions with kale, carrots, okra and tomato fried rice and quinoa

We were stuffed and had to wait to do cake the next day as the kids fell asleep also!

2- The lighting for atop the casual dining table is installed. 

Still coming are the counter lights and the formal dining. And yay for the pool being opened last Friday too!

3- I saw these awesome sneakers on Kate's feet and knew they had to be on mine (for 30% off)

4- French and dutch braids for the win. Mama needs practice and these kiddos need to stop squirming.
5- The half yearly Nordstrom sale is on. I didn't go crazy but snagged a  few of my very favourites- including two Lush tunics ( i have four already #obsessed much) that I wear almost year round and these awesome shirred Zella Pants to lounge in (lulu quality at half the price)

And that's a wrap this week. Have a wonderful weekend! Ours may either be packed with a visit to TO or very quiet depending on how we are all feeling!!

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  1. What a beautiful birthday meal and oh you will look adorable in those superstars!!! Happy weekend beautiful babe!!

  2. All that food has got me salivating- especially that soup!!

  3. You guys have such a pretty yard! Hopefully the weather is nice so you can enjoy some pool days! :)

  4. Looks like an amazing birthday meal! Have a good weekend!

  5. Everyone has the adidas shoes, I NEED them, STAT! Have a great weekend friend!

  6. Oh my gosh, that food sounds amazing!!!

  7. This mama needs some braiding practice too. Em's hair is SO hard to braid with it being so curly. Love the new light. It is SO fun. Can't wait to see the rest of the updates.

  8. Your new lighting looks great! I'm so on the hunt for several fixtures around the house. I am still on the fence whether I want the gold or black the time I make up my mind they probably wont' be "in" any longer lol.


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